Anirudh Rowjee 💻🚀

CS Student, MLSA, Fullstack/Systems Dev, Database Enthusiast

Hello there! I'm Anirudh, a CS Student from Bangalore, India.You can read more about me here.

🏗️ Recent Projects

Check them out on my Github!
$ anirudhRowjee/displacement A Simple Implementation of the FTP protocol in Rust
$ anirudhRowjee/hypeviewer hypeviewer (hv) is a clone of the `pv` utlity, written in Rust.
$ anirudhRowjee/hacknight-git-workshop
$ anirudhRowjee/hacknight-git-workshop-test This is the repository I used to conduct this workshop
$ anirudhRowjee/anirudhRowjee
$ anirudhRowjee/dotfiles my dotfiles
$ anirudhRowjee/election lightweight cloud-based secure election framework.

📖 Recent Posts

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